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Is this really as good a program as people are saying it is? Well,heres my FourPercent Challenge reveiw. My name is Ron and I have been in the program for about 30 days.The system was released in Jan 2018, which is a pretty new program. When people ask me if this is a scam, my answer is no.
But I would like for you  to see it for yourself, which is always the best way to find out the truth. Also, in this post, I will be going over what it’s about and what you will be learning.


Owner: Vick Strizheus

Cost: $49/month or $497 lifetime access+some optional upsells

Business Model: Multi-Level Affiliate Marketing(If you promote their products)

My Experience: A Complete Training Center in Affiliate Marketing and Traffic Generation.


Is it a Scam: No

A Glance

Here is a little bit about Four Percent Challenge. It was released after a major upgrade of Four Percent Group in Jan 2018 and is a new training program of Four Percent Group. Here are some screenshots of what it looks like.

It has three challenges that are to help you to make your first $10k, first $100k and first $1M. For the first challenge which I am going through right now , it is a day-by-day affiliate marketing training for 60 days. 

Inside each of challenge, there are step-by-step action plans which are called sessions. They are locked at the very beginning and start to unlock one session for every 24 hr period. And there are 60 of them in total.  


You will have action-steps for every day. In the beginning, it is all about setting up your website, integrating marketing tools like Getresponse, designing your own landing page, running some small campaigns and preparing for scaling and  retargeting. 

And then, it goes into the real deal, the traffic, and email marketing. 

That is when your business picks up and takes off.   

Everything will be presented in a step-by-step and click-by-click format.  This is designed for everyone,advanced marketer and newbie.And it will blow your mind in 30 days.




Potential Earning

Assumption: The potential earning is estimated assuming you chose to promote their products.

FPC offers the 3-Tier commission to their affiliates, by which I mean that you don’t only make money when you(Tier 1) make a sale but also make commissions whenever your referrals(Tier 2) and referrals of your referrals(Tier 3) make a sale.

You make 50% commission of any tier 1 sale and 10% commission of any tier 2 and tier 3 sale. With their action plan, you will have no problem to make $10K in 60 days from scratch once you follow along with their Level 1 challenge. No one can promise anything because everyone results vary. It takes some longer than others,but anyone can do well with this program.

My average referall rate is 6 a week,so I’m sure if you really apply yourself you can do better than me.  Just remember it takes at least seven times for a customer to see your messages to make a purchase.


And of course, you can apply what you learn from FourPercentChallenge to promote any products you want to! Again, you don’t have to promote their program. If you choose to promote theirs, you need to be a promotional partner of theirs.


>>Sign Up Today and Start The Life-Changing Journey<<


Multiple Stream Income(MSI)                                                                                               Lets talk about the products you will need to see monthly residual income profits.These are products and services all online business need to be successful.


They are all optional, but you will see why they are important to affiliate marketing or just marketing in general. If you are a serious marketer, you will get them sooner or later.

Get Response(30-Day Free Trial and $49/month): Email marketing is still the best way to sell stuff.

Clickmagick(14-Day Free Trial and start from $12/month): Tracking links to see which link converts the best, which is essential for scaling your business.

Clickfunnel(14-Day Free Trial and start from $99/month): Build landing page as well as build sale funnels

Bluehost: Website hosting company with WordPress 1-click install and domain purchasing. You will need this to setup your website.(It is a must-have tool for me).                                                                               

Lets talk about the products you will need to see monthly residual income profits.These are products and services all online business need to be successful.

First you will need a funnel and page building system.We use Clickfunnels as it is the best platform on the market with a awesome 40% commission affiliate program.Next is GetResponse for our email autoresponder. You have to have this to run successful email campaigns. GetResponse has a 33% commission plan.Now onto how to track your campaigns.Clickmagick is the preferred tracker for FourPercent which is used to keep track of your funnels.It pays a 35% commission monthly. You will need a hosting plan [Bluehost] which pays $65 one time only.The great thing about these Multiple streams are when someone joins under you,they sign up for these tools.No extra marketing whatsoever for these commission.

 I covered the cost of these products in my first two weeks.

Of course this course is to teach you to establish your own business, promoting their products is just an option if you don’t have your own products.

The Training Content and what you will be doing?

 The overall gameplan goes into three parts, testing offer, scaling up and retargeting. Of course, they go super detail into it. And then, another part of their training is how you build your authority and how to communicate with your audiences instead of chasing them around and selling them stuff. I really like this part. Vick encourages people to step out of their comfort zone and be a true entrepreneur and leader.

 This is what you will be doing:

1.Build up your list

2.Build your own website professionally

3.Build sales funnel(They have done-for-you funnels)

4.Communicate with your audiences and build up authority in your niche.

5.Start campaigns to drive traffic from different sources(Important, it is a game of traffic after all)

6.Track, analysis, retarget and scale up.

7.Repeat all the things above to build multiple income streams

The Community and the Support

The four percent community is fantastic as well. Their Facebook group has 20k+ active members. And it is good to see people talking and sharing their experiences. One downside when comparing to WA is that you don’t have one on one coach, but there are live webinars, and you can always reach the mentor in their Facebook group.

I love the live chat they have. I talked to them two times, and they are super responsive. My issues are all solved within 24hrs.

Is FourPercent Challenge a ripoff?

No, my experience tells me it is for real I am making money and having real results in less than a month.  It will take 10 to 20 days to start seeing real results,but it will happen if you follow the steps. Some people will call anything a scam is that they don’t see results in couple days, but nothing happens overnight. I mean, come on and give it a month and see for yourself.

And my principle is to see it yourself. Yes, to see it yourself. FourPercentChallenge has $1 trial for their first week.


High Affiliate Commission (3 Tier)

Responsive Live Chat

Most Comprehensive training regarding affiliate marketing

 You have a 7-figure business earner mentor in  Vick who is a real professional and very talented when it comes to affiliate marketing


So if you are ready for a start of a life that can get you to where you want to be, then this is for you!

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