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To understand what is PayPal, we need to understand what is online payment services, we can buy any goods through the online payment service and the price of that goods will be available from your bank’s credit card, debit card or online banking. can give.

PayPal is also one of the online payment services through which we can make online payments and by this we can take money easily and without fear
Today every second man in the world who is doing a small or big business is also adopting PayPal’s service,


Paypal’s work
To use PayPal, you have to have an email id from which you can make your account in Paypal, for which it asks for some information and after giving all the information, our safe depository account opens, which will be available in the future Can be used safely for all online payments

After we have created our ID in PayPal, anyone can take the details of their Paypal account details and make payment transactions. Similarly, we can get payment from any PayPal user in our own PayPal account, for which we only have to share their Paypal ID and our payment will be done within minutes.

PayPal gives us one of the best options that if we are seeking a payment from someone’s account, then if we want to keep that amount in our account, then keep it in PayPal’s account and if we have that amount in our bank account can keep transfer.

But this facility is not available to some countries like India, that the PayPal user should keep the payment of my PayPal account only, but whenever someone transfers you online, at the time of contract from PayPal, whatever your commission paid to you with the PayPal After taking the amount cut, add the remaining amount to your bank’s account immediately to keep your money safe.

Paypal is a very old and secure online payment service on which the billions of people have been trusted by the businessman and PayPal also offers a good service on their behalf.


Benefits of PayPal Account
1. PayPal account is famous all over the world, except for a few countries, money is being levied through PayPal.

2. The PayPal account gives you a service for your personal use, and it also gives you a business account service, so that you can sell the product on your website and directly access the value of those products to your account.

3. PayPal accounts with money transfer as well as convert them to the country according to the country’s account. For quoting, if you take 10 dollars from a friend from the US, PayPal automatically translates it to 600 rupees in your India account. That is why we can buy anything through Paypal in any country.

4. PayPal is a very secure online payment service, where the highest quality security is used, as well as it provides phone customer service in every country in your language.

So through this blog we have got to know about PayPal an online payment service. If you have enjoyed this blog, you can drop a comment.

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