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Online marketing is also called Internet marketing. Now as the name implies that internet marketing, online marketing directly means marketing your product on the internet, selling or distributing the product or website through internet!

What is the difference between internet marketing and SEO
In internet marketing, we make a product or just popular the website, in that same SEO we have to pay attention to the website along with its rank.

Internet Marketing can be marketed for a single product, without any website,
In the same SEO we need a website to make a product known, we increase the rank of the website by doing seo on the website, so that the website has a cell

Internet marketing is a budget but the budget for SEO is slightly higher, if you want to promote your business quickly, then you should go to internet marketing.
But there is a loss to it, once the website is properly done SEO, the ranking of the website stays at its place of 3 months or around, but the website’s ranking from internet marketing does not always remain the same.

Benefits of Internet Marketing
1. The best advantage of internet marketing is that it promotes your business or your products, so that your business or product is directly visible to your customer, and he can see it and contact you directly.

2. With internet marketing, you can promote your business by paying a low price if you want to make the product without internet, then you have to advertise in the newspaper, or have to advertise in the television, and you can read this expensive is,

3. With internet marketing, we can make any small or big business of our website by reaching the logo, so that people can buy those products if our products look good.


How internet marketing is done
There are lots of ways to do internet marketing like-

1. Social Media – Social media is a very good way of internet marketing, because today almost every person in the world is a social media user, such as someone on Twitter, someone takes time on Google to get new information So social media is the best way

2. Clicking on drinks – Clicking on drink plays a role like an agent, you give others the responsibility of showing your product, instead you have to pay some money, as often as your product will be seen or clicked on it. You will have to pay Rs.

3. Email marketing – In the email marketing, people send advertisements to other people through email to your product, but nowadays sending your email address may go to your spam list, so try email marketing from your business email. Do not

4. Mobile Advertising – Nowadays this method is the newest and very much used, there are many companies that send your product as advertising in another’s mobile,
For example – in some free games in Android mobiles, advertisements appear in the middle of the middle, it is the same form of mobile marketing. 

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