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You will often hear about the domain name, the domain name means the address or link of your website, through which people open your website.

In short words you can say that comes after www
Today almost every business is online and everybody wants to grow their business. If you want to increase your business and want to reach your business through online internet, then you have to create a website for yourself, but the website Before creating, you need to take a name for your website, your identity will later become the same name.

For example, if you think of any shopping website, you first care about Flipkart or Snapdeal, a large shopping website like Amazon,

But if you are asked what is the name of the owner of these website then you probably will not know!

If your business is online and wants to sell your product through internet, then the name of your website becomes your identity.

People know more about your website or your product, so it is important that whenever you think about building your website, first think about the domain!

What are the things to remember when taking the domain
1. Now that you understand how important a domain is to make an identity, first of all you have to keep in mind that whatever domain you are taking in the domain is in line with your business

For example, if you sell mobile, then it is good if you have domain Mobilemani.com or mobileshop.com because it will help the user to understand what your website is about, and the user can understand without opening this website. Mobile is selling here

Similarly, if you do online clothing, you should get an address like fashion store.com, it is also good for your initial business and it will be good to understand the user.

2. Whatever address you take, keep in mind that the domain does not resemble any other website name, if you take the address of the website named ‘FashionBhandar.com’, check once that it is similar to that name. And the website is not available on the internet
The different names you choose, the better for your business,

3. When choosing website address, keep in mind that the website address is not so long that people can not remember the domain as you have seen, for example, we used the fashion store.com
But if we take the Online Fashion Bhandarindia.com, it will be very long

The only problem with choosing a longer address is that people will not be able to remember your domain, and if they type they may type incorrectly and typing incorrectly will not open the website, you should keep in mind that the website’s domain address Not too long

4. Many people think that the .com website is much better and the website with these is not very good

But in reality there is nothing like this, you can choose either. Or .net, like all other names, they are also a name

All of this have their own power, but .com is preferred because it is a primary or top level domain and all countries have the same openness.

5. While taking the domain, you have to keep in mind that the domain address does not contain special characters or any math characters, because such domain addresses do not remember people very quickly, and sometimes there is a mistake in typing the website.

Hopefully, you can understand from this post how the domain address works the most important thing in the first phase of our business, the next time you choose the domain address, keep in mind that you have to choose the best domain because You can redesign the website but you can only take the domain address once, once you buy the domain address, you can not change it, then you can use the new domain itself Will

The best website to choose website domain address is Bigrock.com and Godaddy.com, you can choose your Dominion from here


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