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Friends, you must have heard a lot about bitcoin nowadays, someone says that this is not real, then somebody also says that it can be closed anytime, today we will know what the bitcoin is, and how it is used.

Actually, like the name of bitcoin, it seems to be the name of a coin, but you will be surprised to know that bitcoin is actually a coin from which you can buy things but actually there is no rupee on anything.

Bitcoin is a fictitious currency, which is not actually, but you can buy anything from it, in other words bitcoine is electronic money from which we can buy something or give it to someone, but you can not get it out, nor can you Cache, it’s just for online purchase

Bitcoin is like a coupon, you bought some stuff and gave a coin and the stuff was yours,


Beginning of bittoine
You will be most surprised to know that till today its real owner has not been aware of, no one has created the website of the public,

This website started in late 2006, and started serving on the Internet in 2007, Santoshi Nakamoto, a man who says that I made the website, but it also has no complete proof of it.

Bitcoin is like a betting or gambling, if you have a bitcoin today, its price can range from Rs 150 to Rs 21200, or even less,

Its price keeps coming down, you need to have a bitcoin wallet to send bitcoin money, you can take or give money

For this, all you have to do is install Bitcoin software on your mobile phone or computer,

After installing, you have to create an account of Bitcoin. Once you create an account, you get your security code, so that your account is safe, after making the account, you can buy bitcoin from this company!

Use of bitcoin
After purchasing bitcoin, you can keep it or you can buy something further beyond it,

Just recently some people are using it as a speculative reason, because the cost of bitcoin has not been reduced so people are keeping the bitcoins and this service is not in the hands of the government, otherwise people are using it as a speculation. Today, the price of your 1 bit quote may be up to 1 lakh tomorrow, and it will also be less, and you will be surprised to know one thing, how many rupees are in your account, any other user can see it

But bitcoin’s safety is so strong that no one has ever broken this security, meaning that till now the bitcoin has never been hacked,

Today, user is using more than lakhs of Bitcoin, and its number is increasing every month, today the world is going on in Biharakawi, which has so far spent more than 3 billion Bitcoin rupees, one coin of Bitcoin in every country The price is different,

Users of bitcoin are increasing but still no one knows how to control bitcoin,

The cost of bitcoin is also reduced, so some people also say that one day it may happen that the cost of bitcoin should not be the same!

You can also earn bitcoin free, there are some sites on which you can get bitcoin free instead of playing games or doing some work, and if you want, you can return these bitcoins as a rupee in your bank. Or can wait for the right time to come,

I hope you enjoyed this bitcoin post, whether you want to express your thoughts in the comments

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