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Making money online isn’t nearly as easy as many individuals make it out to be. You are able to of course find several simple strategies that can help get you started. And one of the simplest and most profitable ways is to start your own affiliate websites. Your best bet is actually to start with one website and then begin to build more affiliate sites when you start earning money from that first website. Below you are going to find the steps needed in order for you to put together your affiliate sites.

You do not have to worry about coding your own site because we teach you the easy way to do it. In fact you are just going to need to set up a blog. This may sound difficult but it is really very simple. You are going to of course need to get your own domain and web hosting, and that should never run you any more than $10 every thirty days. After you have that you can go to your Cpanel and you will be able to auto install your WordPress blog with programs called fantastico and or Softaculous. Now that you’ve got your WordPress established, it’s time to start.

Affiliate marketing Right after your WordPress blog is set up you will simply need to find products that you can promote and earn a commission from. Just about the most popular places to find affiliate programs will be through Clickbank. You’ll find a variety of niche products from weight loss to tattoo designs that you will be able to promote. This is simply an example but lets say that you’ve decided to start your blog in the weight loss niche. You have got to find a few weight loss products that provide affiliate tools like banners to place on your site. After that gather 2 or 3 banners from different products and services and add them to your website. Take one of the banners you received and add it right below your header and the other two need to be placed in the sidebar.

Now comes your daily work. Every morning you will need to log back into Clickbank and choose a fat loss product. Proceed to the product page and look at every piece of information on that page and write a summary of the information you found there. Now you simply post the article or overview you prepared on your blog. Also you will want to add your affiliate link to the end of the write-up so that anyone interested in the item can go to the product site and purchase the product. And because they will be making use of your affiliate link, you will be getting a commission should they buy the product or program. When you have a little practice you should be able to complete this in an hour.

And lastly you ought to develop inbound links for that post. One of the best and quickest ways to do this is through the use of social networks. Subscribe to as many of these websites as you can and every time you make a new post place a link on every one of these sites. This will let you get visitors from the social bookmarking sites themselves and also help you get that page indexed and ranked in the various search engines.

Now you’ve got your 1st affiliate site developed. You just have one final task, after this site is making money, start creating more sites exactly like this one but in different niches.

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